No one can guarantee when the vaccine will come ઃ Trump

Corona vaccine could come next year ઃ Trump claims

We have a vaccine for the corona virus, I had it when I was in the hospital ઃ Donald Trump’s claim in the presidential debate

Amid the Corona epidemic, the campaign for the US presidential election is underway. In the presidential debate on Friday, US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden made every effort to attract voters. “We have a vaccine for the corona virus,” Donald Trump said in a presidential debate. He said I was in the hospital and and I had it. Donald Trump also mentioned India during the presidential debate. Trump said India, Russia and China have a very poor record in the fight against climate change. “Look at China, look at Russia and even India, how serious air pollution is there,” Trump said.

Trump, meanwhile, claims that the United States has the lowest carbon emissions. The debate saw a heated debate between Trump and Biden over North Korea. “We’re not in a war-like situation with North Korea,” Trump said. We have a good relationship with them. Bide counter-attacked him. “We had good relations even before Hitler’s invasion of Europe,” he said. During the debate, Trump claimed that the U.S. would soon have the corona vaccine available. Biden said Donald Trump has no plans to fight Covid-15. Biden said the person responsible for the Kovid-12 deaths should not be held by the president. They said they would ensure that everyone wore a mask and rapid testing was done.

Donald Trump said New York has turned into a haunted city. “It’s not my fault, it’s not Biden’s fault, it’s China’s fault that it came to the United States,” Trump said. The eyes of the whole world are fixed on the US presidential election. The last round of the US presidential debate is underway, just days before the election countdown. Presidential and Republican nominees Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden face off in the final round. Meanwhile, both sides are hitting each other hard. If Biden is besieging the Corona virus this time around as usual, but Trump doesn’t believe it, he’s arrived at the debate without a mask. Trump slammed Biden, saying “we are dying of the Corona virus but Trump is not taking any responsibility for it.

On which Trump said I am responsible but this virus came from China. On providing better health care in the United States, Trump said that 5 percent of our youth there have beaten Corona. Biden also lashed out at Trump over a statement in which he said Corona would end before Easter, but the government has no concrete plans yet for the Covid-12 vaccine to arrive before mid-next year.

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