No need for ration card to talk about work / ration, get free food this way


Ration Card (Ration Card) with support Link The process is ongoing. The Modi Government is working in this direction. Once linked to Aadhaar, consumers will no longer need to carry a ration card to the ration shop. The shopkeeper will give his share of grain to the consumer from the ration card number only.

It may be mentioned that since the central government implemented the lockdown, the beneficiaries who do not have ration cards have been given free rations. Many states and Union Territories, including Delhi, are distributing free rations in compliance with the order. The scheme was implemented for the first three months. But since then the central government has extended it till November.

Ration card is no longer required to take ration

Ration Card

According to the central government, those who do not have a ration card are being given 5 kg of free wheat or rice and one kg of dal, but the government’s scheme is till November. Even after the month of November, those who have linked the ration card with Aadhaar will continue to get ration even if they do not have a ration card.


It may be recalled that PM Modi in his address to the nation on June 30, 2020 had extended the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Food Scheme (PMGKAY) till next 5 months or November 2020, taking into account the current situation in the country and upcoming festivals in the country. Under this, in addition to their monthly eligibility, more than 80 crore NFSA beneficiaries in the country will continue to be provided 5 kg of wheat or rice per person and 1 kg of chickpeas to each family.

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