No income tax refund till today! Check the States online this way

New Delhi: Income tax returns need to be filed. You need to file an ITR if you want to claim a tax refund. When you file an ITR, the income tax department evaluates it. If your refund is made, it is credited directly to the bank account.

This is how to check the status of income tax refund

  • The status of income tax refund can be found by visiting two websites or
  • Log in to any of these websites and click on the status of tax refunds status.
  • Enter your page number and assessment year for which a refund is pending.
  • If the department has processed the refund, you will receive a message stating the method of payment, reference number, status and date of refund.

Keep these things in mind, tax refunds can be delayed

  • There can be many reasons for delaying or refusing a tax department refund.
  • A problem arises when the taxpayer gives incorrect bank account details in the ITR form.
  • Bank details should be correct while recruiting ITR.
  • Bank name, 11 digit account number and IFC code should be filled in properly.
  • The bank account you are offering to get a refund must be linked to an e-filing account and PAN.
  • An error made when calculating a refund may be a reason for a delay or refusal to refund.

The error can be corrected

  • From the status report, if you think that you have made a mistake in the bank details while filling the ITR, you can correct it.
  • You have to login to the e-filing portal
  • Then go to My Account and click on Refund Re-Issue Request
  • Follow the steps given and enter the correct information of your bank.

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