Nitish Kumar to be sworn in as CM for seventh time today, suspense over DCM

BiharNitish Kumar is set to be sworn in as CM once again today. He is scheduled to be sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister for the seventh time at 4.30 pm. The NDA parties met yesterday after the Bihar Assembly elections. In the meeting, Nitish Kumar has been re-elected as the NDA leader.

At the meeting, Nitish Kumar was re-elected as the NDA leader

Rajnath Singh, an observer and defense minister from the central government, announced that Nitish Kumar had been elected as the leader of the NDA MLA party. According to sources, Tarakishore Prasad and Renu Devi are in the race for deputy CM, while Sushil Kumar Modi’s name has been removed. It is to be mentioned that it is said that BJP is also looking for the post of Speaker.

Nitish Kumar elected leader in JDU meeting

After the Bharatiya Janata Party meeting, a meeting of all 43 JDU politicians was held at Nitish Kumar’s residence. It is to be mentioned that in this meeting, Janata Dal United was selected as the leader. The important meeting was attended by 74 BJP MLAs, 43 JDU MLAs, 4 VIP MLAs and 4 Hum MLAs.


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