Nirav Modi’s decision is crucial, CBI said for all other fugitives

Central BureauThe Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday said the decision of the British court in the Nirav Modi case was very important. All fugitives involved in major cases of fraud should remember that they cannot escape the law simply by changing their country of residence.

The CBI order said the court order proves to be a comprehensive investigation by the agency, in particular Nirve presented various issues such as his actions, impartiality of investigation, litigation, jail conditions, availability of health facilities in India.

The CBI said the decision was important in the context of the agency’s efforts to curb corruption. For fugitives alone they cannot understand themselves above the process by changing the jurisdiction. It said that Crown Prosecution lawyers and various government agencies, especially officials of the Indian High Commission in London and the Ministry of External Affairs, had made excellent efforts at all stages in the matter.

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