New trend of air travel, people are giving ‘nowhere to go’ thousands – millions of rupees

New Delhi: Travel has been banned in many countries due to the corona virus epidemic. Along with this, there is also the fear of corona. People are also missing flights. In such a situation, some airlines have started unique flights. Passengers travel in this unique flight, but they get nowhere.

Airlines airlift passengers, take a few hours in the air and then land them at the same airport from where the passengers started their journey. People are also spending thousands and millions of rupees for such flights. On Saturday, September 19, Tigerair Taiwan Airlines carried 120 passengers on a similar flight. During this time the aircraft covered a distance of about 2100 km.

The plane flew from Taiwan to the South Korean holiday island of Jeju and then back to Taiwan. Such flights fly at low altitudes near large scenic spots so that people can see the view.

Before arriving on these flights, the corona symptoms of the passengers are also examined. According to Asia Pacific Airlines, air travel in the region dropped by 97.5 percent during the epidemic. At the same time, airlines are also earning some revenue from such flights and some pilots are also being helped to maintain their licenses. Australia’s Qantas and Japan’s All Nipon Aiways are also launching such flights. This week, his ‘nowhere-to-go’ 7-hour flight ticket also sold out in 10 minutes, Kantas said.

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