New rule / don’t take PUC certificate lightly now! RC will also be suspended along with the penalty


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New PUC Rules: Pollution Certificate of Vehicles i.e. PUC is usually not more serious and we do not do regular vehicle pollution checkup. The only process is to create a PUC certificate in the name of pollution checkup, no matter how much smoke the vehicle emits. But now all this will not work.

The rules regarding PUC certificates have changed

The government has taken a big decision regarding PUC certification. Pollution under control (PUC) will now be made uniform for all vehicles across the country. The PUC will also be linked to the National Register. You have to check the pollution of the vehicle after a certain period of time to know the pollution level of your vehicle. One has to take a certificate which is called PUC certificate. These come in different forms and formats in each state. But now the government has decided that PUC will now be uniform across the country and at the same time some new features will be added to it. So that the owners of the vehicles will have convenience.


Changes to the rules of the new PUC

  • The Ministry of Road Transport has released a new format of PUC, which will be uniform across the country.
  • The PUC form will have a QR code. Which will contain a variety of information. Such as the name of the owner of the vehicle and what is the status of his admission. That is how much smoke is leaving.
  • The PUC database will be linked to the National Register. The information registered in the National Register will link the pollution certificate.
  • The new PUC form will now have the mobile number of the vehicle owners. Its address, vehicle engine number and chassis number will also be registered.
  • It will be necessary to register the mobile number of the vehicle owner in the PUC. On which SMS alert for validation and fees will be sent.
  • For the first time a rejection slip has been introduced. If the pollution level in a vehicle is out of the limit for a long time, he will be caught with a rejection slip.
  • This slip will have to go to the service center for servicing the vehicle. If the pollution measuring machine is bad there, the owner has to go to another center.
  • If the enforcement officer has reason to believe that the vehicle is violating the provision of emission criteria. It can then order the driver or the person in charge of the vehicle in writing or through electronic mode to be deposited in an authorized testing center for vehicle inspection.
  • If the owner of the vehicle does not bring the vehicle for inspection, he will be penalized. The Registration Officer may suspend the Registration Certificate (RC) and Permit by stating the reason in writing.
  • This suspension will remain in place until it becomes a PUC.

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