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Sneakerheads arrived on Netflix on September 25th and fans are already calling for season 2. But is the show renewed and does season 2 have a release date?

We all love to collect something. Whether it’s rare action figures, nicely-shaped stones we find lying around or special edition coins, there’ll be something for everyone.

In Netflix’s Sneakerheads, as the title suggests, shoes are the name of the game as lead characters Devin, Bobby, Nori and tag-along Stuey go in search of a mythical pair of sneakers.

Along the way, our intrepid band of protagonists must venture to the far-flung corners of the globe and meet some surprising characters along the way.

However, after the series released on September 25th, fans who have binged their way through have been left with one question.

Will Sneakerheads be back for season 2?

Sneakerheads | Official Trailer | Netflix



Sneakerheads | Official Trailer | Netflix




Sneakerheads on Netflix

Sneakerheads arrived on Netflix on September 25th, 2020.

The six-episode series tells the story of stay-at-home dad, Devin, played by Allen Maldonado.

He is a former sneakerhead who is dragged straight back into the shoe-hunting world when old friend Bobby claims to have found a lead to the most mythical pair of sneakers out there.


Season 2 renewal status and potential release date

  • At the time of writing, Sneakerheads has not been renewed for season 2.

It’s often the case for Netflix to analyse a show’s viewing figures before renewing for a second season so we likely won’t find out for a few weeks at least.

If Sneakerheads is indeed renewed for season 2, you would expect its release date to be in around 12 months time, in September 2021.

But given the delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a potential second season could well arrive later than planned.

However, while there is definitely room for more stories to be told in Sneakerheads, the ending of season 1 could easily be used as an ending for the whole series if it’s not renewed.


Fans want more!

While the future of Sneakerheads looks uncertain, fans have wasted no time in taking to social media to ask for more.

Season 1 of Sneakerheads is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on September 25th, 2020.

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