Netanyahu said how given, Israel has now vaccinated 85 percent of the population

CovidIsrael has vaccinated 9% of its population to prevent the epidemic. The target is to vaccinate 5% of the population. But the danger is the corona virus that is doing so over and over again. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the remarks at an online conference of the Field Economic Forum. “We are fighting between vaccination and changing the nature of the virus,” he said. We cannot say how long we will succeed in controlling the Kovid epidemic. Changes in the UK have increased our fears of changing the nature of the virus. But we will not give up and keep trying until the virus is neutralized.

Netanyahu said, “We were able to carry out such a comprehensive vaccination because Israel bought the vaccine in large quantities a long time ago. He said he spoke to top officials of the Zarir company five times a day. Israel has also bought a vaccine from a US modern company. Israel is probably the first country to vaccinate 5% of its population so quickly.

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