NCP demands Saswad to set up Oxygen and Ventilator Bed Covid Center at Saswad

Saswad: The main place of Purandar taluka is Saswad village. At present the number of corona patients in Saswad has gone up to 60 and the number of talukas has gone up to 98. In view of this increasing number of patients, there is an urgent need for a covid center with 10 oxygen beds and 3 ventilator beds in Saswad. And so the statement of Mrs. Supriyatai Sule and Deputy Chief Minister and Guardian Minister no. It has been sent to Ajit Pawar.
Saswad (Tal. Purandar)
In the holy land of Saint Sopankaka, a terrible disease like corona has spread and the number of corona patients in Saswad city is increasing rapidly. Saswad is considered safe from Corona. Outsiders are infiltrating Saswad in large numbers and do not appreciate the administration in any way.
Since Saswad is close to Pune city, most of the citizens come and go there every day breaking the rules. Appropriate precautions should be taken before a situation like Mumbai-Pune arises in this place. In order to break the chain of corona, there should be strict blockade on all sides of Saswad for 8 to 10 days. Saswad city NCP president Rahul Girme said that it was given to Sanjay Jagta.
Balasaheb Bhintade, Kalatai Phadtare, Mahesh Jagtap, Sayaji Wandhekar, Navnath Boravke etc. were present on this occasion.

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