NBC renewal status and potential release date explored

Season 5 of This Is Us is approaching its final few episodes but has NBC renewed the show for season 6? If so, will season 6 be the final season?

This Is Us has been essential viewing since it first arrived on NBC in 2016.

Since then, we’ve had four enthralling seasons and the ongoing fifth instalment has been one of the show’s best yet.

However, only a handful of episodes remain in season 5 which has left fans asking whether or not This Is Us will be returning to NBC for season 6.


This Is Us season 5 on NBC

Season 5 of This Is Us arrived on NBC on October 27th, 2020, roughly a month later than normal thanks to a certain pandemic.

The ongoing season has been one of the show’s best yet as it has continued to explore the lives of the Pearson family and has recently welcomed a host of new additions in the form of Kevin and Madison’s newborn twins and Kate and Toby’s adopted daughter.

At the time of writing, three episodes of season 5 remain and if there are no more breaks after episode 14 airs on May 11th, This Is Us season 5 should come to an end on May 25th.


Will This Is Us return for season 6?

  • Yes, it has already been confirmed that This Is Us will return for season 6.

When This Is Us was renewed for season 4 back in May 2019, it was also confirmed that NBC had given the go-ahead for seasons 5 and 6 as well.

No release date information has been released about season 6 at the time of writing but with the world hopefully returning to normal, This Is Us should return at the start of the 2021/22 TV season in September.


Will This Is Us end with season 6?

  • It is unconfirmed whether This Is Us will end with season 6 or not.

It is true that This Is Us has not yet been renewed for season 7 but there’s no reason that NBC won’t commission more seasons later down the line.

After all, This Is Us still gets impressive viewing figures well into its fifth season so as long as there are more storylines to explore, we should hopefully get to spend more time with the Pearson family and the Big Three.

Season 5 of This Is Us continues on NBC on May 11th, 2021.

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