Mysterious disease spreads in this country amid corona fever, death occurs after vomiting blood

A mysterious disease among the corona has knocked in Tanzania. The outbreak has killed at least 15 people and injured more than 50 others. In this unknown disease the patient vomits blood and then dies. The government has suspended the medical officer who revealed the disease. Kinsadu, a medical officer in Tanzania, said he came to that conclusion based on the blood samples he had to check for the infection.

Tanzania’s health ministry has denied any involvement in the outbreak. The farmers have been suspended for creating unnecessary fear among the people, the ministry said. According to local media reports, Kisandu said that most of the men are suffering from this unknown disease. He had stomach and ulcer problems and was told not to drink hard drinks or cigarettes.

Many people are suffering from fever, vomiting and abdominal pain due to this unknown disease. With this, the government will have the blood and water of the people tested by top doctors and chemists to check for Mercury pollution. On the other hand, while clarifying on the suspension of Doctak Kisandu, the Health Minister said that Kisandu has been suspended for 10 days due to spreading fear among the people. He has appealed to people not to pay attention to it. The health minister has ordered the country’s medical council to investigate the whole matter but has refused to consider it a mysterious illness.

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