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Life has arrived but is Doctor Foster essential viewing beforehand? Let’s take a moment to explain the connection of this BBC spin-off.

If you’ve spent more time in front of the telly than perhaps any other year in 2020, you’re surely not the only one.

Taking months of lockdown into consideration, it was inevitable that we’d all try to find some solace in our screens, tucking into some easy escapism.

Despite the issues and delays affecting TV production, there has still been a wealth of great new shows and seasons so far this year. Fortunately, they simply keep coming!

The latest to attract attention is Life, a spin-off from the series Doctor Foster which aired on BBC One back in 2015.

It later returned for a second season – also consisting of five episodes – in 2017, with Suranne Jones in the titular role.

You won’t catch her in Life though, so it’s certainly worth asking…

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Life: Must you watch Doctor Foster first?

  • No, audiences do not have to watch Doctor Foster first to understand the plot of the 2020 BBC series Life.

As highlighted by the BBC, Life is a spin-off series from Doctor Foster and the connection between the two titles is that they’re set within the same world.

However, the only character crossing over from Doctor Foster into Life is Anna Baker, played by Victoria Hamilton.

According to the same source, the actress answered the all-important question, arguing:

“Absolutely not, no. To an extraordinary degree, I think, you really don’t need to have seen it. Life is a very complete story on its own, this is an entirely different universe and you’re given everything you need to know about it in episode one of this story.”

Reminiscing on Doctor Foster season 2, it’s perhaps worth noting that Anna left Parminster after discovering her husband’s infidelities.

In Life, we meet her with a changed name. She is now Belle, as her full name was Annabel and she’s ready to begin a clean slate; a bit like the series, really.

It centres on Anna and a range of other characters who live close to one another, tackling themes of mental health, death, infidelity and more.

Life: BBC spin-off cast

Audiences can expect to become acquainted with a wealth of new characters and the series boasts quite the impressive cast.

As highlighted by IMDb, here are some faces you can expect to see:

  • Saira Choudhry as Saira Malik
  • Peter Davison as Henry Reynolds
  • Calvin Demba as Andy Okonkwo
  • Joshua James as Liam Banner
  • Melissa Johns as Hannah Taylor
  • Erin Kellyman as Maya Stone
  • Adrian Lester as David Aston
  • Alison Steadman as Gail Reynolds
  • Rachael Stirling as Kelly Aston
  • Susannah Fielding as Ruth Stone
  • Adam James as Neil Baker
  • Robyn Cara as Kat
  • Caroline O’Hara as Esther
  • Elaine Paige as Helen

So, whether you’ve seen Doctor Foster or not, you’re all set.

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