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ITV’s McDonald & Dodds is back on our screens for its highly anticipated season 2 but just who appears in the cast of episode 2?

McDonald & Dodds was a comforting and enthralling smash hit when it arrived on ITV in March 2020.

Now, in 2021, the unlikely crime-fighting duo are back on our screens for their long-awaited second series.

But just who is set to appear alongside the titular detectives in episode 2 of McDonald & Dodds season 2?

McDonald & Dodds season 2, episode 2

McDonald & Dodds season 2 continues on ITV with episode 2 on March 7th, 2021.

The second episode in the new series, titled We Need To Talk About Doreen, continues the story of the ambitious and driven DCI Lauren McDonald and the unassuming DS Dodds as the duo are called in to investigate the death of a local rugby player after a drunken party the night before.

Questions are immediately raised about whether the rugby player, Dominique Aubert, was the intended target as he’s found to have drunk a lethal cocktail that included a dangerous date rape drug.

Everyone at the party becomes a suspect including a group of women who have travelled down from Glasgow for a birthday weekend.


Season 2, episode 2 cast

As ever in murder mystery series, episode 2 of McDonald & Dodds series 2 welcomes back its main cast of characters as well as introducing us to a host of guest stars.

Main cast

  • Jason Watkins as DS Dodds
  • Tala Gouveia as DCI Lauren McDonald
  • James Murray as Chief Supt John Houseman
  • Jack Riddiford as DC Darren Craig
  • Lily Sacofsky as DC Milena Paciorkowski

Guest stars

  • Joy McAvoy as Angela McGruder
  • Sharon Rooney as Doreen Warren
  • Shelley Conn as Hilary O’Doyle
  • Kat Ronney as Cath Taylor
  • Maya Coates as Melissa McGruder
  • Tomos Gwynfryn and Dominique Aubert
  • John Thompson as Jimmy Daly
  • Natalie Gumede as Deborah Winwick
  • George Watkins and Gregg Byrne
  • Felipe Bejarano as Robbie Pahura
  • Andrew Rothney as Rhuaridh McGruder

Guest star spotlight

Joy McAvoy as Angela McGruder

Angela always likes to be the centre of attention but will wish that wasn’t the case when a birthday bash in Bath ends in the death of a party guest.

The sister of James McAvoy, Joy has been acting since the early 2000s with her most notable roles coming in No Offence, Two Doors Down, The Crews, Filth, the video game Battlefield V as well as minor roles in X-Men Dark Phoenix and Avengers: Endgame.

Sharon Rooney as Doreen Warren

Doreen Warren, Angela’s best friend, is the title character of this week’s episode and she takes an unusual interest in DS Dodds once the murder investigation gets underway.

Sharon is best known for her roles in My Mad Fat Diary, Two Doors Down, The Tunnel, No Offence, Zapped, ITV’s recent comedy-drama Finding Alice, Sherlock season 3 and 2019’s Dumbo remake.


Tomos Gwynfryn and Dominique Aubert

It’s best not to get too attached to Tomos Gwynfryn-Evans in episode 2 as his character, Dominique Aubert, is this week’s murder victim.

Tomos only has seven acting credits to his name according to IMDb with his most prominent roles coming in King Arthur: Excalibur Rising as well as the short film Life Coach and Housebreaker.

Natalie Gumede as Deborah Winwick

Deborah Winwick is a sports agent and is none too pleased when her client, Dominique, is murdered and she quickly springs into action to protect her interests.

Taking on the role of Deborah is Natalie Gumede who is best known for her 192-episode stint on Coronation Street as well as Doctor Who, Death in Paradise, Jekyll & Hyde, Free Rein, Titans, Rig 45 and Strike series 3.


John Thompson as Jimmy Daly

Jimmy Daly is the chairman of Bath Eagles rugby club and it’s his house where the fatal party is being thrown. Jimmy fancies himself as a popular ladies’ man but in reality, he’s more of a railway geek than a dashing Romeo.

John Thompson, primarily of Cold Feet fame, takes on the role of Jimmy. In 30 years as an actor, John has appeared in over 130 acting and voice roles with his most recognisable appearances coming in After Hours, Strange Hill High, Scream Street, The Fast Show, Waterloo Road and Coronation Street where he appeared as Jesse Chadwick in 60 episodes.


McDonald & Dodds season 2 continues on ITV on Sunday, March 7th at 8pm.

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