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Death in Paradise season 10 is back but who appears in the cast of episodes 5 and 6? Meet guests Adrian Schiller, Lia Williams, Sara Martins and Ben Miller.

Death in Paradise has been a welcome winter treat since it first brightened up our screens in 2011.

Now, in 2021, the Caribbean murder mystery is back for series 10 and to celebrate its 10th anniversary, some familiar faces are set to return to BBC One.

But just who is set to appear in the cast of episodes 5 and 6 of Death in Paradise season 10?


Death in Paradise: Season 10, episodes 5 & 6

Series 10 of Death in Paradise continues with episodes 5 and 6 on February 4th and 5th respectively.

The first episode in a dramatic two-parter sees celebrated concert pianist, Pasha Verdinikov, shot dead in his studio.

However, while his death has been framed to look like a burglary gone wrong, DI Neville Parker suspects that there’s more to the case than meets the eye.

When a cryptic clue is revealed, Commissioner Patterson is reminded of a case he thought he solved 20 years previously and when a friend finds themselves in danger, the Commissioner reaches out to an old friend and colleague, DS Camille Bordey, to help crack the case.


Season 10, episode 5 & 6 cast

As ever with murder mysteries, Death in Paradise season 10 welcomes back its main cast and a host of guest stars but just who appears in episodes 5 and 6?

Main cast

  • Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker
  • Josephine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell
  • Tobi Bakare as JP Hooper
  • Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
  • Elizabeth Bourgine as Mayor Catherine Bordey
  • Tahj Miles as Marlon Pryce

Guest stars

  • Sara Martins as Camille Bordey
  • Ben Miller as DI Richard Poole
  • Adrian Schiller as Pasha Verdinikov
  • Lia Williams as Grace Verdinikov
  • Sam Retford as Joseph Verdinikov
  • Luke Bailey as Delford Adams
  • Niamh Cusack as Maggie O’Connell
  • Delroy Atkinson as Godrell

Guest star spotlight

Adrian Schiller as Pasha Verdinikov

Taking on the role of this week’s victim is Adrian Schiller who plays renowned concert pianist Pasha Verdinikov who is shot dead in his studio.

Adrian Schiller has been prolific in his acting career with roles in 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, Suffragette, Tolkien, Raised by Wolves, The Last Kingdom and Victoria among his 76 acting credits.

Lia Williams as Grace Verdinikov

Playing Pasha’s wife, Grace, is Birkenhead-born actress Lia Williams. Grace, as well as Pasha’s son, the family’s housekeeper and gardener, all have seemingly solid alibis which makes the case a tough one to crack.

Lia Williams has been acting since 1984 and has appeared in The Capture, His Dark Materials, Riviera, Doc Martin and The Crown in recent years.

Sara Martins as Camille Bordey

Sara Martins as Camille Bordey needs no introduction. The original cast member returns to Saint Marie after she left in series 4 to undertake some undercover work in Paris.

As well as appearing in Death in Paradise, Sara has acting credits in Détectives, Reunions, The Coroner and Grand Hotel where she also played a police officer named Camille.

Ben Miller as DI Richard Poole

And finally, Ben Miller returns as DI Richard Poole in a cameo role. After starring in Death in Paradise’s first two series, the detective was the victim of a murder in season 3.

Since his final appearance on Death in Paradise in 2014, Ben Miller has been as busy as ever with appearances in Doctor Who, Paddington 2, Johnny English Strikes Again, Tracy Ullman’s Show and most recently Netflix smash hit Bridgerton.


Death in Paradise continues on BBC One and iPlayer each Thursday after series 10 began on January 7th, 2021.

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