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Bravo’s latest hit show, Below Deck Sailing Yacht (BDSY) season 1 was well received by viewers. Season 2 is highly anticipated and this has fans aching to know who the cast will be. We have the latest.

Season 1 debuted on 3rd February 2020 and season 2 has just dropped this week. The show is a spin-off reality tv series ‘Below Deck’, which first aired in 2013 and is still going strong.

Season 2 will follow the journey of the 54-meter sailing Yacht, Parsifal III and those that reside aboard the ship and its crew members.

So, who will be in the cast for Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2: Cast

Members of the cast set to feature in season 2 include:

  • Glenn Shepard as Captain
  • Colin Macrae as Chief Engineer
  • Gary King as First Officer
  • Natasha De Bourg as Chef
  • Daisy Kelliher as Chief Stewardess
  • Dani Soares as 2nd Stewardess
  • Ali Dore as 3rd Stewardess
  • Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux as Deckhand
  • Sydney Zaruba as Deckhand

Members from season 1 are also set to make an appearance, we can expect to see the likes of:

  • Paget Berry
  • Ciara Duggan
  • Adam Glick
  • Jenna MacGillivray
  • Byron Hissey
  • Madison Stalker
  • Georgia Grobler
  • Parker McCown

BDSY Season 2: Glenn Shepard as Captain

Glenn Shepard has returned for season 2 as Captain of Parsifal III’s voyage. He is originally from Montreal and has over 20 years of experience in the boating industry. On his official Instagram account, his bio states that he is a “World Traveller, Photographer” and “Sailboat cruiser”.

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BDSY Season 2: Colin Macrae as Chief Engineer

Colin Macrae will appear as the Chief Engineer of Parsifal III. Before and after going on the show, Colin has spent a lot of time documenting the repair of a hurricane-damaged, Lagoon 450. You can follow his journey on his YouTube account.

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BDSY Season 2: Gary King as First officer

The First Officer for Parsifal III is Gary King, who has 12 years of experience on boats. He has been the caption of smaller boats in the past.

King is in a relationship with Marth Moller, who is a 26-year-old Yacht enthusiast from Norway, the two enjoy travelling together.

The post below seems to be from his official Instagram account but as he is not verified, we are unable to confirm this at the time of writing.

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Season 2 is now available to watch on Hayu and through Amazon Prime, provided you have a subscription.

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