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The Boys has slowly been introducing fans to more characters from the comics in season 2 and has now welcomed Love Sausage to the delight of fans.

The Boys turned the superhero genre totally on its head when it arrived on Amazon Prime Video in 2019.

Now, the series has become one of Amazon’s staple series and its return for season 2 has been met with huge acclaim.

However, one area of contention from longtime fans is that the series often strays from the original comics.

In episode 6 of season 2, though, fans of The Boys comics were left both pleased and disgusted at the return of a fan-favourite character, Love Sausage.

The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video



The Boys Season 2 – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video




The Boys season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of The Boys began streaming on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th.

The new instalment continues the story of Billy Butcher and the Boys as their conflict with the Seven and Vought International cranks up a few more notches.

Season 1 ended on the dramatic revelation that Billy’s wife, Becca, who he thought had died at the hands of Homelander, the leader of the Seven, was actually alive and well and has been secretly raising her and Homelander’s son.

In episode 6, The Boys work to infiltrate the secretive Sage Grove Center, a mysterious facility where Vought has been engineering a host of supe terrorists and one of the facility’s inhabitants has certainly made a notable impression.

Amazon Prime Video

Love Sausage in The Boys

That particular inhabitant is the supe known as Love Sausage, played by Andrew Jackson.

In The Boys comics, Love Sausage, whose name is Vas, is a Russian supe who is loosely allied with The Boys team and possesses super strength and durability as well as one of the most bizarre powers of them all.

You certainly can’t say that Love Sausage isn’t well equippied.

That bizarre power is shown off in disturbing fashion in episode 6 of The Boys season 2 as he’s shown to have full control of the movement of his above-average sized penis and can move it as if it was a tentacle.

After first spotting Love Sausage in the security cameras, Mother’s Milk goes head to head with Love Sausage as The Boys look to make their escape from the Vought facility.

Luckily, Love Sausage is taken out by Kimiko and the team can make their escape.

It’s not clear if the Female killed Love Sausage or just left him unconscious – so there could well be a return of Love Sausage later down the line.

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Love Sausage fans react to episode 6 cameo

It’s safe to say that Love Sausage’s eye-widening cameo The Bloody Doors Off has made a sizable impression with fans who have taken to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “They really put Love Sausage on #TheBoys. Really didn’t think he would make it to the show haha”

While another fan, who wants to see more of Love Sausage, added: “Love sausage’s power in the show being he can… do that… made me lmao. Hope he gets a role in the show the way he did in the comics though.”

And finally, this fan summed up Love Sausage’s appearance in gif form:

The Boys season 2 is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes releasing each week on Fridays.

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