Local trains stalled anywhere in Mumbai due to grid failure, people leaving on foot

The grid failed in the Mumbai metropolitan area. BEST, a power supply company in Mumbai Township, said the grid at the power supply plant had failed, with power outages in parts of Mumbai’s east, west, suburbs and Thane. Which caused people to suffer. Local was also affected due to grid failure.

Local train

Local train stuck

However, the biggest impact of Gad’s failure has been on Mumbai’s lifeline local train. Local trains were parked at various places. As a result, people had to leave the locality to go to their destinations. The Railways’ Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) has said that the Mumbai local train service has been suspended due to grade failure. Local service will resume once the power supply is restored.

People stuck at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Mumbai’s local train service has been most affected by the grid failure. Trains were stopped at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus due to grid failure. Many people were stuck here.

Grid failure at Tata Kaduna disrupts power supply

A statement from BEST Electricity said that the power supply to Tata Kaduna was disrupted due to a grid failure. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, BEST did not say how long the power supply would be disrupted. The power outage took place at 10 am in Bandra Colaba Mahin area.

Public announcement made at Mumbai Central

Local train service was disrupted as power supply was disrupted. Due to which the people traveling in the locality were most affected. People were also forced to make a public announcement at the Mumbai Central Railway Station so that they would not get in trouble.

People stuck at Mulund station

It was the turn of the people at Mulund station to be disturbed as the power supply was disrupted. Many people were seen waiting for the service to resume. The BMC said it could take 45 minutes to an hour for the power supply to resume.

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