Limited has the facility to change the ‘date of birth’ in the base, find out how often you can update

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SupportProvided in InformationThere are different ways to edit. Some of these things can be done online from the comfort of your own home. There are some things for which you have to go to the base center in any case. One of these functions is to change the photo on the base. You know what to do for photos on the base. When the biometric information is entered, the photograph is taken at the same time and attached to the base. Like fingerprints, retinas, fingerprints, photographs are also necessary as the base is used as an identity card. In such a situation, the question arises that if you do not like the photo, you can change it online manually?


The Aadhaar government agency, UIDAI, has answered this question. UIDAI wrote in a tweet, for photograph update, you have to visit the nearest registration center. Your new image will be captured and updated on the basis. It is clear from UIDAI’s response that you cannot update support by uploading photos manually. For this, in any case one has to go to the Aadhaar Registration Center.

What is the rule

Kaik is also taking the date of birth update. According to UIDAI, anyone can update their date of birth through self-service by clicking on this service For this you need to upload a scanned copy of the original document. For this, Aadhaar has issued a list of some supporting documents (documents to be issued in the form of certificates), a scanned copy of which can be uploaded.

A list of 15 documents for the date of birth has been released. This list includes birth certificate, SSLC book or certificate, passport, birth certificate issued by a group gazetted officer, photo ID with date of birth, PAN card, marksheet issued by the board or university, government photo ID card etc.

How to change the date of birth

According to UIDAI, only the declared or unsupported date of birth can be updated online, even with a valid document. These documents must be the same as those listed by Aadhaar. To update the date of birth by self service, your mobile number should be registered in Aadhaar. There is also a separate rule on how often you can update the date of birth. According to the Aadhaar Help Center, the date of birth can only be updated once in Aadhaar. If it is very important that the work stops without it, then the exception is the rule to update the date of birth again.

How often can the date of birth be changed?

Under this exception rule, you must visit your nearest Aadhaar registration center. Also bring any valid date of birth which is in your name. This link lets you know which documents are to be submitted and what type of form to fill. If this request is denied, call 1947 or mail to Exception update must be written in the mail. In the mail, you will need to provide the latest update request number and contact details.


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