Land is sold for millions for burial in this country, bones have to be deposited in lockers

Hong Kong The most populous in the world Having Is on top in countries that have less land. The situation here is so bad that there is not even enough land to bury the dead. Instead of burying the dead, people burn the bones and put them in a locker so that there is enough land to bury the bones.

Old graves dug and new bodies buried

As early as 1970, property prices began to rise rapidly in Hong Kong. In the meantime, the government has announced that it will not build new cemeteries to make small plots of land available for people to live in. Along with this old graves are dug and old bodies are removed and burnt every 6 years so that new bodies can be buried. Even after this strange rule the people who die there do not have the same land even after death. The number of the deceased comes in 6 years and whether the land will be found or not is also decided by lottery.

2 crore 83 lakh has to be paid for immediate land

If the deceased is lucky or a member of a church that has space to bury the dead. But for this not a small amount but the family has to pay 2 crore 83 lakh rupees. Due to this problem of population and land in Hong Kong, many people do not have their own home and do not have land management after death. This is why a new option has been adopted here for the last several years. Instead of burying the deceased, the family collects the burnt bones and keeps them in a safe place or in a bank locker, waiting for the right land to be purchased so that the remains can be deposited and the rest of the funeral process can be done.

The land in the cemetery has been booked for years to come

Here the family collects the bones of the deceased in a jar and goes whenever the number comes. So that the ashes can be buried. There is also a system for those who cannot even bury their bones. He will have to deposit only Rs 94 lakh so that he is given enough land to bury the bones in a jar.

Home Conditions Worse

Luxury house per sk in the posh area of ​​Hong Kong. The meter costs Rs 1.86 crore. One can only guess at how difficult life is in Hong Kong. The scarcity of land here is such that people are forced to live in wooden coffin type houses. 15 sc. This box of foot sticks is also called a coffin cubicle because it is like a coffin. Canadian photographer Benny Lam clicked pictures of people living in these cubicles. A large part of Hong Kong’s population of about 7.5 million people live in this wooden house. Rising housing prices are forcing people to live in such coffin boxes. In these boxed houses, the kitchen and toilet are together and small.

People who make coffin cubicles have a relationship with real estate. These people make cages or coffins at 400 sc. Feet renting or buying a home. It then turns it into a coffin cubicle with 20 double decker beds. The monthly rent for each bed is 250 250, which is about Rs 17,781.


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