Just 5 years after winning the election, Janata Janardhan’s recipe was seen ‘waiting’


Campaigning for the Bihar Assembly elections has begun and candidates are reaching out to their constituencies to attract voters. But, knowing is not easy believing this time. This time the masses are in the mood to teach a good path to the leaders who have forgotten their promises.

According to the information received, an incident has come up in Naini village of Chhapra. Where on Tuesday on social media sites, local BJP MLA and candidate Dr. CN Gupta’s video is rapidly going viral. The incident took place when the MLA reached Naini village to seek votes. As soon as the MLA reached the village, the villagers became angry and started chanting Murdabad slogans against him.

One person even started protesting with a placard written in protest of the MLA. Local voters were angry because in the last 5 years they never felt the need to come to the village nor showed any interest in any work.

People complained of irregularities in the schemes and accused the MLA of ignoring them. People say that only their flattery works. No one else’s work is done.

The MLA and those who came with him quietly listened to the people and kept trying to persuade them in the manner of Anken. But the anger of the people did not subside. Someone took down a video of the whole incident and made it viral on social media.

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