Javaya, who escaped after killing his father-in-law, was arrested by the police

PURANDAR: Kisan Kale, a resident of Nazare Supe in Purandar taluka, was stabbed to death by his son-in-law Suresh Bhosale two days ago.
Suresh Sadashiv Bhosale, 40, of Mirwadi taluka, escaped after killing his father-in-law at Nazare Supe near Jejuri on the information received from a confidential reporter while patrolling the Pune-Solapur road in Pune rural district today (Dec. 10). Daund Dist. It is learned that he came to Pune. Shitafi set a trap for Daund and took him into custody .After further questioning, he confessed to the crime. He has been handed over to the Jejuri Police after further medical examination. This action has been taken by Poupani Rameshwar Dhondge, Amol Gore, Safau. Dattatraya Jagtap, Shrikant Mali, Chapohwa Rajapure, Vijay Kanchan, Dhiraj Jadhav, Amol Shedge, Mangesh Bhagat, Balasaheb Khadke under the guidance of senior police inspector of local crime branch Padmakar Ghanwat.
Bhosale married his wife Maheri Mauje Nazre-Supe Ta. His wife’s father Kisan Desha Kale (age 60) stabbed him to death and fled after his wife went to Purandar in Pune. The jury has been handed over to the police station. The police have succeeded in arresting him within 24 hours.

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