Israel’s pole opens with secret nuclear plant satellite image! Earthquakes around the world

Amid ongoing tensions with Iran, a satellite image of Israel’s secret nuclear facility has sent shockwaves around the world. Following this picture, there is a discussion in the world that Israel is secretly increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons.

US President Joe Biden fears Israel’s soft stance on Iran

“Israel has 80 to 90 nuclear bombs,” the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a Swedish organization, claimed in its 2020 report. Israel now fears that US President Joe Biden is softening his stance on Iran. Joe Byrd has hinted at joining the old 2015 nuclear deal as soon as he comes to power. On the other hand, a private news agency released a satellite image of Israel, saying, “Israel is working on the largest nuclear plant. The nuclear plant is a short distance from the reactor center of the Shimon Negev Nuclear Research Center near the city of Dimona. Israel built the first atomic bomb at the center. An entire chain of underground laboratories has been set up here. ‘

Israel does not even confirm a nuclear weapon on the nuclear plant issue

The Israeli government is unwilling to say anything on the nuclear plant issue after the satellite image came to light. “We have no clear policy for a nuclear plant,” Israel said. So Israel does not even confirm or deny nuclear weapons. Israeli PM Netanyahu has already been critical of Iran’s nuclear program. He has repeatedly opposed the nuclear program from the international arena. Not only does Israel oppose Iran’s nuclear program, but the United States has so far been included in the name. Then the satellite image has once again opened the pole of Israel’s nuclear plant. The Arms Control Association in Washington, D.C., says Israel should clarify its nuclear program to the rest of the world.

The nuclear site, which was started in 1950, was described by Israel as a textile factory

Israel, with the help of France, secretly launched a nuclear site in the desert near Dimona, 90 kilometers south of Jerusalem, in 1950. Israel has kept the nuclear site hidden from the United States for years. When the United States learned of Israel’s actions, Israel called the nuclear site a textile factory. Even now, no country in the world has concrete information about Israel’s nuclear program. But some experts claim that Israel has about 80 nuclear bombs. These include surface-to-air missiles, submarines and warplane-launched bombs.


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