Is ZeroZeroZero season 2 confirmed? Renewal status explained

Is ZeroZeroZero season 2 confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the series after its UK premiere on Sky Atlantic.

ZeroZeroZero is still making waves as it reaches more audiences, but perhaps its quality shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Many viewers will remember the excellent series Gomorrah arriving on Sky Atlantic back in 2014, which has cemented a legacy across four superb seasons now.

It was based on a book by Italian novelist Roberto Saviano, who also happened to write the source material for ZeroZeroZero. The series, on the other hand, comes from Stefano Sollima, known for Sicario: Day of the Soldado and also for producing Gomorrah.

So, even before getting to the sensational cast commanding the screen, there’s a great deal of talent to commend here. As it continues to attract further praise, it’s already worth looking ahead to see what the future has in store for this acclaimed series.

Is ZeroZeroZero season 2 confirmed?

  • No, there will be no ZeroZeroZero season 2. The creator has confirmed this in interviews, explaining that it’s a mini-series.

Speaking with Variety, creator Stefano Sollima said:

“No. ZeroZeroZero is actually a mini-series. It’s eight episodes, and the season ends there.”

When asked about the biggest challenge of production, he weighed in: “The most ambitious and risky part was the concept.”

Explaining this, he elaborated: “I’m not talking about just doing a series on cocaine shot in the real locations in three continents around the world. I mean telling a story [drug trafficking] that’s already been told many times, but from an angle that is totally original, so much so that it doesn’t even seem like a drug-smuggling story.”

Opinion: ZeroZeroZero warrants renewal

Taking the ending of season 1 into consideration, it’s arguable that ZeroZeroZero has more story to tell.

We ended on Emma making a new distribution deal and there are a range of consequences they could explore down the line.

Her deal with Manuel means that the clock is ticking and she will have to determine her connections out in Monterrey. There’s always potential to bring in news faces as more people become involved in her operations, which also means more stars could come aboard to spice things up in and help entice new audiences.

There’s a sneaking suspicion that even despite far tougher days ahead, Emma is set to continue her rise.

Fans praise ZeroZeroZero on Twitter

Since ZeroZeroZero reached UK audiences recently, a number have flocked to Twitter to share their praise

Check out a selection of tweets:

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