Is Viewpoint still on ITV Hub? Is episode 5 available to watch online?

Viewpoint was cancelled by ITV on Friday but is episode 5 still available on ITV Hub? How can fans watch the final episode?

Viewpoint had been thrilling ITV viewers after it arrived on April 26th and was in the process of airing each day until April 30th.

However, on April 29th, allegations of sexual harassment and bullying emerged against lead actor Noel Clarke.

As a result, ITV pulled the final episode of Viewpoint before it could air but is the series still available on ITV Hub? Is there a way to watch episode 5 online?


Viewpoint on ITV

Viewpoint arrives on ITV on Monday, April 26th, 2021.

Following the disappearance of Gemma Hillman (Amy Wren), Viewpoint follows surveillance detective DC Martin King (Noel Clarke) as he sets up an observation post in the home of Zoe Sterling (Alexandra Roach), a single mum and secret voyeur.

Set in a tight-knit Manchester community, Zoe’s window offers a panoramic view of Westbury Square and provides a direct sightline into the home of Grey Sullivan (Fehinti Balogun), Gemma’s boyfriend and chief suspect in her disappearance.

However, not long after taking up his post, Martin King comes to realise that almost everyone at Westbury Square has a secret they’d rather not share.


Is Viewpoint still on ITV Hub?

  • No, Viewpoint is no longer available on ITV Hub as all five episodes have now been removed.

After the last-minute cancellation of episode 5 on Friday, April 30th, ITV made the final episode available on ITV Hub for a “limited time.”

That limited time ended up being two days as by May 3rd all signs of Viewpoint had vanished from ITV Hub.


Is there a way to watch episode 5?

  • No, there appears to be no legal way to watch episode 5 of Viewpoint as of May 4th.

After its last-minute cancellation on April 30th, Viewpoint was made available on ITV Hub from Friday evening.

The final episode was available for two days but by May 3rd all episodes of the series had been removed from the ITV catch-up service.

Fans hoping to watch the final episode legally will be disappointed to learn that there appears to be no way to do so.

The final episode had been unofficially uploaded onto YouTube but given the fact that that broke copyright laws, the episode has since been removed.

Viewpoint began airing on ITV on Monday, April 26th, 2021 but was pulled following the emergence of allegations made against actor Noel Clarke.

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