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Is Us season 2 confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the 2020 BBC series starring Tom Hollander and Saskia Reeves.

Many have had their hopes of heading out on holiday dashed this year.

With cancelled flights and travel restrictions, some have surrendered and decided to absorb themselves in escapism courtesy of their screens instead.

On the bright side, there has been some great television airing over recent months and Us has offered audiences the chance to embark on a European vacation from the comfort of their sofas.

Although, it’s hardly a walk in the park for the Petersens, played by Tom Hollander and Saskia Reeves.

Audiences have gotten to know them across four episodes but is there more on the way?

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Is Us season 2 confirmed?

  • Us season 2 is yet to be confirmed by the BBC. However, it’s highly unlikely that it will be renewed. Here’s why…

The 2020 TV series is based on David Nicholls’ 2014 book of the same name and he actually wrote the series too.

He hasn’t followed up with another novel, so there is no source material that a potential second season could pull from.

It was clearly envisaged as a four-part series which paints a complete portrait akin to that of the book.

Admittedly, it’s perhaps a little early to expect news of concrete renewal as the BBC will assess the viewing figures carefully before giving projects the go-ahead.

If the figures are undeniably impressive, then perhaps David will be encouraged to come up with some more ideas.

David Nicholls on Us

Addressing the Express and others, David Nicolls shed some light on his experiences writing the novel and its subsequent adaptation:

“… it’s not something I necessarily think of when I write a book. You know the book is written in the first person, a very narrow first-person point of view, which is a hard thing to adapt. And it does other things, which are very difficult to put on screen, obviously, the travel but also then skipping around in time, there are 180 chapters, and it’s very fluid within a novel.”

On the other hand, he was up for the challenge: “It was always going to be a challenge. At the same time, I wanted it to have a kind of that sumptuous, sunny, bittersweet quality as well. So it wasn’t that my intention when I wrote the book, but I loved the challenge of doing it.”

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What’s the verdict on the BBC series?

Since the series began airing, a number of audiences have taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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