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The Indian Doctor has returned to BBC One’s daytime drama slot in 2020 but was there ever a season 4 of the much-loved drama?

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a huge shakeup in the usual TV schedules as filming delays caused a number of shows to face delays.

One such programme to be affected by delays is BBC One’s usual daytime drama Doctors which has been on hiatus since the summer.

Instead, we’ve seen a whole range of shows appear in its place from Australian soap opera The Heights to classic drama series such as Land Girls and now The Indian Doctor.

The Indian Doctor returned to BBC One on September 28th and will be airing for the next few weeks but was there ever a season 4 of The Indian Doctor?

The Indian Doctor on BBC One

The Indian Doctor first appeared on BBC One in November 2010 and now, 10 years later, is back on our screens.

The re-run began on Monday, September 28th and the show will air daily for the next few weeks.

The Indian Doctor, as the title suggests, tells the story of Dr. Prem Sharma as he and his wife, Kamini, settle in the small Welsh mining village of Trefelin and are greeted with a host of difficulties from nosy neighbours to understanding the Welsh accent.


Is there a season 4 of The Indian Doctor?

  • No, The Indian Doctor ended after just three series.

Sadly, fans of The Indian Doctor will have to make do with just three series as a fourth instalment was never made when the show was originally created.

As such, the 3-series re-run of The Indian Doctor, which began on September 28th, will come to an end after three weeks on Friday, October 16th.

In 2015, Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays the titular Indian Doctor, confirmed in a tweet to a fan that there were “no plans” for a fourth series.

Fans still want more

Despite there being no news about the series and the confirmation of it ending, fans of The Indian Doctor have still taken to social media since its release to ask for a fourth season.

One fan on Twitter, who was watched the show during lockdown wrote: “@TVSanjeev lockdown meant another watch of the fantastic Indian Doctor series. Shame there was no season 4? Or do you have some amazing news?”

While another simply demanded: “Please make Series 4 of The Indian Doctor!”

The Indian Doctor, which features just three series, airs daily on BBC One at 1:45pm and any episodes missed are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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