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Is The Doctors TV show cancelled? Here’s what’s going on with season 13. Long-term fans of the show may be pretty surprised.

This year, we’ve found ourselves doing certain things a lot more, whether that’s checking the news for imperative updates, staying home or, yes, wearing a mask to head out.

However, one thing many will also have done more of over recent months is tune into daytime TV.

Despite their arguably being some stigma when it comes to daytime programming, there are undoubtedly some gems which grace screens while the sun is high in the sky.

One of these has long been The Doctors, a talk show which has been entertaining and informing audiences since way back in 2008.

Created by Phil McGraw, this CBS-distributed show was a spin-off from the beloved show Dr. Phil and has earned quite the admirable fandom over the years.

Tackling health issues and so forth, viewers are invited to absorb themselves in conversations orchestrated by professionals and famous faces.

However, change is here…

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Is The Doctors TV show cancelled?

  • No, The Doctors TV show is not cancelled. It returned to screens for season 13 on Monday, September 21st 2020.

This is highlighted by TV Series Finale, which announces that things have really been shaken up this time around.

The Doctors is now hosted by Dr. Ian Smith and a new format and studio also make it a very different viewing experience in regards to previous seasons.

Previous hosts – Sonia Batra, Judy Ho, Nita Landry, Andrew Ordon, Travis Stork – haven’t returned and the series has instead focused its lens on specific current events, making for timely viewing.

TV Series Finale highlights that the press release addresses the series’ overarching theme, “take your power back”.

They also include perspective from Dr. Ian Smith:

“This is an unprecedented time, and people are looking for the latest in updates delivered in an easy to understand format, and The Doctors is the perfect place to help us all take control of our lives. Helping people learn how to be the best versions of themselves is a personal passion of mine, and I am excited to bring viewers unbiased information and facts, free of any political slant, to help them take their power back.”

Some aren’t happy about it

Since the change, a number of people have taken to Twitter to express their dislike towards the new format.

One recently tweeted: “We won’t be watching this new format at all! Very disappointed that this informative show was ruined…”

Similarly, another weighed in: “Why did they change The Doctors format? No Dr. Travis or any of the others. I will not watch this new Doctors show, without all of them. It sucks,” while one added:”…after 12 years I will no longer be watching The Doctors. I watched for Dr.Travis and Dr. Ordin.”

Follow Dr. Ian Smith on Instagram

Despite some criticism, it’s worth tuning in and seeing how you feel about it for yourselves.

It’s also certainly worth following its new host – Dr. Ian Smith – over on Instagram at @doctoriansmith; he currently has 107k followers.

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