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The Comey Rule season 2 may be high up on viewers’ wish-lists right now, but has the series been renewed? Let’s consider its future for a moment.

So much has gone wrong in 2020 that it’s arguably quicker to consider what has gone right and rule out all the rest.

If that’s the approach we’re taking, then a great year of television comes to mind right away.

Despite production issues in the face of the pandemic plaguing a wealth of shows, we’ve still been fortunate enough to tuck into some impressive titles on the small screen this year.

Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime have boasted a vast array of hits recently and Showtime has generated discussion lately with The Comey Rule.

Written and directed by Billy Ray, this political-drama series is based on former FBI director James Comey’s novel A Higher Loyalty.

Jeff Daniels (Steve Jobs) stars as James Comey and Brendan Gleeson (Calvary) flexes his acting muscles in the role of President Donald Trump.

Can we expect a return?

still from “The Comey Rule”, CBS Studios et al., IMDb

Is The Comey Rule season 2 confirmed?

  • No, The Comey Rule season 2 has not been confirmed. Potential renewal seems unlikely for one key reason.

There are only two episodes of The Comey Rule and it is officially billed as a mini-series. So, there is no reason to anticipate more.

Perhaps it’s for the best…

Spending more time in the presence of Brendan Gleeson’s sinister Trump portrayal may actually be a rather discomforting thought for many.

Viewers weigh in on Twitter

Since the series premiered, a number of audiences have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts on it all.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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