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Is The 100 season 8 confirmed for Netflix down the line? Let’s explore the series’ renewal status and what may be in store.

The 2010s ushered in some seriously satisfying sci-fi.

Over on the big screen, we had the likes of Ex Machina, Interstellar, Gravity, Blade Runner 2049 and more.

On the other hand, there were some gems worth cherishing on the small screen too, with The 100 certainly being one of them.

Created by Jason Rothenberg and based on Kass Morgan’s novel of the same name, The 100 premiered in 2014 and followed a group of survivors who strayed from the Ark and returned to Earth in the wake of nuclear apocalypse.

It has become a fond favourite amongst sci-fi circles and beyond over the years and season 7 has finally come to a close.

So, what’s next?

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Netflix: Is The 100 season 8 confirmed?

  • No, there will be no season 8 of The 100. The series concluded with its seventh and final season on Wednesday, September 30th 2020.

So, The 100 has officially ended and this was announced ahead of the season 7 premiere [see below tweet].

However, fans have been anticipating news of a spinoff series for some time.

In an interview with CBR, the show’s creator was asked if there was any news or development on it:

“I wish I could say yes to that. We’re in the same kind of holding pattern waiting for the powers that be to decide. If there’s any good news it’s just that they’re still talking about it. To me, that’s good news; we have a pulse.”

While that may not be the most encouraging sign for fans, it’s pleasant to hear that Jason is optimistic.

Perhaps they’ll get the ball rolling now that The 100 season 7 finale has aired.

Fans talk The 100 final season

Since the finale aired, a number of fans and audiences have decided to take to Twitter to offer their thoughts to followers.

While it’s clear that it was divisive, there’s no denying that the show is leaving behind quite the legacy with a total seven seasons.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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