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Is the Industry season 2 release date confirmed? Let’s consider the renewal status of the BBC and HBO TV series. When is it back?

What has been the TV highlight of 2020 for you?

Despite obstacles, many shows have reached screens to impress audiences in 2020, whether that be exciting new titles or the return of familiar gems.

From The Outsider to The Queen’s Gambit, there are plenty of shows still being praised. However, viewers have more recently expressed their appreciation for Industry, which began airing on BBC Two and HBO back in November.

Created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, this British drama series followed a group of graduates competing for positions at a prestigious investment bank in London.

With a cast featuring Freya Mavor, Will Tudor, Sarah Parish and more, fans are already keen to continue chronicling the circle’s progress with more episodes.

So, does Industry season 2 have a release date yet?


Is the Industry season 2 release date confirmed?

  • Industry has officially been renewed for season 2 but a release date is yet to be confirmed.

HBO announced that the series was renewed in December 2020, with Francesca Orsi – EVP HBO Programming – issuing the following statement:

“Mickey and Konrad have captured an authentic, fresh angle on workplace culture from the bottom up and presented a complex look at navigating life in your early twenties – replete with thrills, failures and victories. It’s exciting to see fans embrace these young graduates, and we join them in anticipation of what’s in store for season two.”

She added: “We also send a big thanks to our partners at Bad Wolf and BBC.”

Although no release date information has been shared, it’s likely that Industry season 2 won’t arrive until 2022.

Season 1 concluded on Monday, December 21st and all episodes are currently available to stream on HBO Max and BBC iPlayer.

Mickey Down looks ahead

In an earlier interview with GQ, co-creator Mickey Down revealed how he thought about the future of the characters while writing the first season:

“You do think while you’re writing their first year, what they would look like and what their relationships would look like in four, five years’ time. The idea of doing a version of the show which goes on for a long time is one that we’d love to do. But it’s not up to us. You’ll have to wait and see.”

We’re sure Mickey is as thrilled with the latest news as fans…


Fans are eager for season 2

Since the series premiered, a number of fans have flocked to Twitter to express how much they’d love to see a second season.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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