Is Dory dead in Search Party season 4? Episode 10 ending explained

Season 4 of HBO Max’s Search Party has been another wild ride for fans but the minding-bending episode 10 has left many asking: “Is Dory dead?”

Search Party returned to HBO Max for its highly anticipated fourth season in January 2021.

The new season has continued to bewilder fans and that was certainly the case in the season 4 finale.

Fans were left with plenty of questions by the episode, chief among being “Does Dory die in Search Party season 4?”

Search Party season 4 on HBO Max

Search Party season 4 began releasing on HBO Max on January 14th, 2021.

The fourth season sees Dory snatched away from her friends as she’s abducted by the psychotic Chip Wreck, a man with a decidedly unhealthy obsession with Dory, to say the least.

Episodes have been released in three batches and the final four instalments dropped on January 28th, with several mind-bending twists and turns leaving fans with plenty to get their heads around.


Search Party season 4, episode 10

It’s been rough going for Dory Sief in Search Party season 4.

After being abducted by the psychotic Chip Wreck, she’s been tortured, drugged and was on the verge of losing her mind.

Things don’t get any easier for Dory in episode 10 as a cameo appearance from Susan Sarandon as Chip’s murderous aunt/mother Lylah only makes matters worse.

For most of season 4, Dory has been held captive in the basement of Chip’s house but her surroundings get a whole lot more dangerous when Lylah sets the house ablaze with Dory still trapped in the basement.

To say what follows is a little weird would be an understatement.


Is Dory dead in Search Party?

  • By the end of Search Party season 4, Dory appears to be alive.

However, she does spend much of episode 10 either dead or on the verge of death.

After Susan Saradon’s fiery cameo, Dory finds herself attending her own memorial service and is joined by versions of herself from seasons 1-3.

Dory’s friends, Drew, Elliott and Portia, all give tear-jerking eulogies at the service.

But just before the credits are about to roll, Dory gasps for air and awakens to find herself alive in the back of an ambulance.

While she may have been dead for a time or on the verge of death, Dory’s memorial service appears to have been a mind-bending out-of-body experience – similar to someone’s life flashing before their eyes – that Dory had after almost succumbing to smoke inhalation.

Thankfully, it appears as if Dory was resuscitated by the paramedics just in time.

Speaking to Decider about Dory’s fate, Search Party co-creator Charles Rogers said: “There’s always something fun about things being open for interpretation and it’s always fun to know people have their own takes on things, and that’s how art should be received.

“I think it’s safe to say our own personal understanding of that final moment is that Dory did die… But is alive in the ambulance [laughs]. It’s so crazy.”

Search Party season 4 is now available to stream in-full on HBO Max after the final four episodes released on January 28th, 2021.

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