Is Adam leaving The Young and the Restless? What happened to Mark Grossman’s character?

Y&R fans have been left asking “is Adam Newman leaving The Young and the Restless?” after the latest twist involving Mark Grossman’s character.

Since it first began airing in 1973, The Young and the Restless has seen countless characters come and go.

It’s always a huge talking point as fans speculate if a character will make a jaw-dropping return later on or will be gone for good.

In April 2021, fans were left asking “is Adam Newman leaving The Young and the Restless?” after Mark Grossman’s character made a dramatic admission.

What happened to Adam?

Adam Newman’s latest story arc has been a hugely dramatic one as it’s seen him facing allegations of the attempted murder of a detective, although Chelsea seems to be the one framing him.

In April 15th’s episode, we find Adam hiding out at the Newman ranch where he’s greeted by visions of Sharon and Chelsea, two women he’s cared for and wronged in the past.

After arguing with the two imagined figures, Adam admits that he needs to do better in future.

Later on in the episode, Victor pays a visit to the ranch where he unexpectedly finds Adam and the two share a deep conversation together.


Is Adam leaving Y&R?

  • In April 15th’s episode, Adam says plans to leave town but has yet to depart.

In order to escape the attention of the police, Adam admits to Victor that he wants to leave Genoa City.

During the conversation, Adam reveals that he plans to take his son Connor out of boarding school and go and live on the Newman’s farm.

Victor warns Adam of the dangers of this plan but Adam is confident and asks Victor to trust him.


Unlikely to be gone for good

If Adam’s plan to leave town succeeds, it’s unlikely that Mark Grossman’s character will be gone for good.

Y&R is a soap after all, meaning that characters rarely leave forever.

In the case of Adam, his character has left The Young and the Restless several times since he was first introduced in 1995, with his most high-profile exit coming in 2016 (when Justin Hartley played the role) when Adam went missing and was presumed dead.

Three years later, in 2019, Adam made a dramatic reappearance, this time being played by current actor Mark Grossman, who hasn’t hinted about leaving on any of his social media channels.

The Young and the Restless continues daily on CBS at 12:30 pm ET / PT.

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