India rebukes Pak and Turkey in UNHRC, first advises to improve their home

Against IndiaIndia had sharply reprimanded Pakistan and Turkey for their involvement in the campaign. In a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), India advised the two countries to fix their home before pointing the finger at each other. India vehemently opposed the statement of the Pakistani envoy, exercising its right to respond in 46 special sessions of the UNHRC. India said it was not surprising that Pakistan once again abused the United Nations Forum.

Seema Punjani, second secretary of the Permanent Mission in Geneva, said it was not a new thing for Pakistan to misuse the international community for malicious propaganda against India. He said that the whole of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is a handful of parts of India. The steps being taken by the Government of India for the development and good governance of these sectors are an internal matter. He said that having a very bad record on human rights, Pakistan should fix its home before pointing a finger at India.

Referring to incidents of institutional discrimination, violence and repression of Hindu, Sikh and Christian communities in Pakistan, he said that places of worship of these communities were being attacked. There is a kind of oppression on the women of these communities. According to the report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, one thousand girls from these communities are abducted and forced into marriage every year. India also raised the issue of political repression in Balochistan. Referring to the release of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the killer of American journalist Daniel Pearl, from the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Indian envoy said it was clear from the generosity of the power establishment and the nexus of terrorists.

Turkey lashes out

On this occasion, India also slammed Turkey and said that it was distorting the statement of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Rejecting Turkey’s statement, India said it would correct itself before interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.

U.S. to re-enroll in UNHRC

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Zabkin said President Joe Biden wants U.S. Becomes a member of the UNHRC again. Significantly, during Trump’s tenure, the United States withdrew from this global organization three years ago. Zabkin said the president favors foreign policy that strengthens democracy and human rights values.

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