India ranks 7th among the most valuable stock markets in the world, find out how much is the valuation of the Indian stock market

MUMBAI: The Indian stock market has been hitting new highs every day since the last Union Budget day. The Indian stock market has now become the 7th largest stock market in the world. In fact, the market cap of listed companies has also risen due to the marvelous boom in the market. The market cap of the Indian stock market has jumped to third place, now reaching 7th place. With this surge, the total market capitalization of companies listed on the Indian stock market has risen to more than 7 2.7 trillion.

The stock market continued to rise on Monday. The Sensex crossed 51,300 on Monday and the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty closed above 15,100. The market cap of BSE-listed companies rose to Rs 2,02,82,798.08 crore on February 8.

The size of the Indian stock market has now surpassed that of Canada, Germany and Saudi Arabia. France is currently the sixth largest stock market. It has a market cap of 8 2.86 trillion. With the Indian stock market booming, it is likely that the Indian stock market will soon overtake the French stock market to reach the sixth position.

In the year 2021 so far, the performance of the Indian market has been in the second place in the stock markets of the top 15 countries. Canada is the 8th largest stock market by market valuation. Germany’s stock market is valued at 3 2.53 trillion. Currently, only two European countries, France and the UK, are included in the top 7 markets in the world. It is worth mentioning that the flow of foreign investment in Indian markets, which started from the time of the Corona crisis, is still the same. India is the second largest emerging market after Brazil, with the simplest FPOE investments.

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