India, Israel and Palestine avoid unilateral action

India has said at the United Nations that Israel and Palestine should pursue a path of dialogue to maintain peace. It will resolve all issues. At the same time both should avoid unilateral action. “We believe that the issues can be resolved and peace can be achieved through dialogue,” said Nagraj Naidu, India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Security Council, at a meeting on Israel and Palestine on Friday.

This is what the people of Israel and Palestine want. A pro-action complicates matters and distracts from issues. Naidu said India appreciates the fact that Palestine is moving towards elections. At the United Nations, India expressed concern over the fact that the impact of corona is being felt more on the people of the Zaza Strip due to lack of health infrastructure. Palestinians, including Zaza, should be vaccinated immediately. Vaccine availability needs to be the same everywhere to eradicate the epidemic.

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