India achieved great success, capturing so many hills on the Chinese border

New Delhi: The Indian Army has achieved great success in the last 20 days on the Chinese border in eastern Ladakh. In the last 20 days, the Indian Army has captured six new hills on the Chinese border, lifting the People’s Liberation Army’s plans. The Chinese army wanted to occupy these hills to dominate the Indian army.

“Our troops have captured six new high hills, including Magar Hill, Gurung Hill, Rejang La, Racha La, Mokhpari and the largest peaks on the Finger 4 Ridge Line,” a senior government source told reporters.

Sources said the hills extend from south to north coast. In the midst of this successful ongoing struggle, India has sharpened its edge over China in specific areas.

The struggle between the Indian and Chinese armies to capture the height of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) began after August 29, when the Chinese reached a height south of the Thakung area on the south bank of Pangong Lake, sources said.

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