Indapur Municipality is the first target in the upcoming elections – MLA Sanjay Jagtap

Indapur: Former Co-operation Minister Harshvardhan Patil had joined the BJP before the 2019 Assembly elections, beating the Congress. A review meeting was held in Indapur on Tuesday (July 7) under the guidance of Purandar MLA and Pune District President Sanjay Jagtap with the objective of filling the void created by the Congress in Indapur taluka which was weakened by Patil’s defection and raising the Congress party with Indapur Municipality as the first target. Appointments were made for the posts.

Former Co-operation Minister Harshvardhan Patil, who dominated Indapur taluka till 2009, had left the Congress party and joined the BJP before the 2019 Assembly elections. Earlier, many loyal Congress workers and office bearers had urged Patil not to leave the party, while many workers were celebrating as they were leaving the party. It is well known that due to Patil’s defection, the Congress, which was strong in Indapur taluka, suddenly became weak. Therefore, in connection with the revival of the Congress and the forthcoming Municipal and Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti elections in Indapur on Tuesday (July 7) under the guidance of Congress MLA Purandar and Pune District President Sanjay Jagtap and Pune District Youth General Secretary Javed Sheikh, Virdhawal Gade and Congress Various office bearers were appointed in the presence of taluka president Swapnil Sawant.

Progressive think tank Tanajirao Bhong as Indapur city president, social activist Zakirbhai Qazi as Pune district general secretary, Bibhishan Lokhande as Indapur taluka vice president, Tushar Chinchkar as city vice president, Chamanbhai Bagwan as city working president, Shambhuraj Salunke as taluka vice president of Vidyarthi Congress Tanajirao Bhong informed that Nitin Raut has been selected as the General Secretary and Suresh Lokhande as the Indapur City Joint Secretary.

Guiding the party workers on the occasion, MLA Sanjay Jagtap said that the Congress party was closely linked with the common man and not with any leader, adding that the common man was the real strength of the Congress party. Sanjay Jagtap also lauded the work done by taluka president Swapnil Sawant for the growth of the party. Stating that he will try to give more strength to the party in Indapur taluka in the run up to the upcoming Indapur Municipality and Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti elections, Sanjay Jagtap said that Indapur Municipality is his first target for the coming period. At present, Indapur Municipality and Panchayat Samiti are directly controlled by the Congress, but indirectly by the Harshvardhan Patil faction.

Zakir Qazi, who was elected as the Pune district general secretary, said, “Social work is the foundation of our politics and in the future we will work to strengthen the party in the taluka on the strength of social work,” while Tanajirao Bhong, who was elected as the city president, said, Saying no, he said he would try to increase the party.

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