In the US, more attention has been paid to making profit / discharging patients in hospitals with excuses

Many nursing homes in the US are getting rid of patients in which they do not get much profit. Poor and overcrowded patients are sent to emergency rooms or psychiatric hospitals. They are not re-admitted after being discharged from hospitals. Dismiss patients based on common causes. The information was leaked by the state, government surveillance agencies in 16 states, more than 60 lawyers, nursing home staff and doctors. This is being done by marginalizing the rules of the central government. Mike Wasserman, former chief executive of Rockport Healthcare Services, the largest chain running nursing homes in California, said there was great pressure to discharge health insurance-medicated patients before the corona virus epidemic. The epidemic has exacerbated this condition. That said, Versing Home always bases its anger on telling patients to be mentally ill. 70% of nursing homes in America run for profit. The greatest benefit comes from patients admitted for a shorter period of time. Such people come under the purview of personal insurance or government insurance scheme – Medicare to help the elderly and the disabled. On the other hand there is the Medicaid plan for the poor who live longer. Under which nursing homes get less money compared to medicators.

Many nursing homes are facing staff shortages due to staff falling ill or not coming to work due to the corona virus. During the epidemic, the pressure on them to get rid of patients who do not benefit much has increased, employees said. The excuse of mental illness is the most prevalent. Nursing homes usually admit patients with other illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s. It is normal for them to get angry. Strict rules have to be followed in the central law to discharge someone. The patient needs to be given 30 days notice. He has to be sent to a hospital where his needs can be met. If someone does not send him to another hospital, the nursing home has to keep him in bed for a week. According to employees and government agencies, nursing homes break the rules whenever they want. The number of patients discharged from nursing homes across the country is not available. The New York Times contacted the surveillance agency of all 50 states. Some agencies said they have not seen cases of patients being transferred from nursing homes to other hospitals during the epidemic. Agencies in 16 states, including California, Texas and New York, said the problem was ongoing. The situation has worsened, some said.

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