In four days in the new year, the price of petrol has gone up by 99 paise


Even after the arrival of 04 corona vaccine CoronaNo kaher is the same. Again in China Lockdown Being imposed. On the other hand, the strengthening of the US dollar has pushed down crude oil futures trade. This has led to a drop in crude oil prices in international markets this week. There was peace in the domestic markets in the past. In the first two consecutive days, petrol and diesel prices had gone up. In Delhi, petrol was priced at Rs 84.70 and Rs 74.88 per liter on Sunday. In Ahmedabad, petrol is priced at Rs 82.07 per liter and diesel at Rs 80.64 per liter.

Petrol became 99 paise more expensive in the new year

The new year has not been good for petroleum fuels. In the new year, petrol became expensive only 4 days out of 16 days, but in that time it became 99 paise. Earlier, petrol prices rose sharply in the second half. In 10 months, the price has gone up by more than Rs 14 per liter.

Diesel also went up by Rs 1.01


The price of diesel has gone up by four days this year. In all these days, the price of diesel has gone up by Rs 1.01 per liter. In 10 months, the price has gone up by Rs 12.

Petrol-diesel prices in major cities

The name of the city Petrol Rs Diesel rupee / liter
Delhi 84.70 74.88
Mumbai 91.32 81.60
Chennai 87.40 70.19
Kolkata 86.15 78.47

Boom in crude oil market

Crude futures traded down in China on the back of a lockdown and a stronger US dollar. This has led to a decline in the price of crude oil in international markets. New York has seen a softening in WTI crude prices since the close of business this week. This has come down to 52 52.36 a barrel from 01.21. Brent crude prices have also seen a decline. Which settled at 01.32 per barrel and 55 55.10 per barrel.

This is how to check petrol-diesel prices in your city

You can also know the price of petrol-diesel in your city via SMS. For that you have to send a message and you will get all the detects in the phone. You write RSP and your city code from mobile and send it to 9224992249. Petrol-diesel prices of your city will come on your mobile immediately. Each city code is different, which you can find on the IOC website. You can also install IOC’s mobile app.

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