Imran Khan will be able to use Indian airspace, find out which tour sought permission

New Delhi: After a long hiatus, relations between India and Pakistan seem to be melting. India has accepted Pakistan’s request for permission to use Indian airspace for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka. This is seen as a major decision as Pakistan has twice refused to allow Prime Minister Modi to use Pakistani airspace following the bitterness in relations following the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir.

Pakistan refused

In September 2019, Pakistan did not allow Prime Minister Modi to use his airspace for a US tour and even before Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia in October, Pakistan took the action, after which India raised the issue with the Pakistani government. .A strongly objected to this.

After 370 the bitterness in the relationship increased

However, let me tell you that after the Pulwama attack, Prime Minister Modi was going to use Pakistani airspace for his visit to Kyrgyzstan, but at the last minute the decision was reversed. Since the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan has so far refused to allow President Kovind and Prime Minister Modi to use its airspace twice.

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