If you want to earn extra income by trading on this app, find out what is special

We all work for our livelihood and subsistence if you have any means of extra income. From this you can get some extra money. If you are also looking for an extra income option, there is good news for you. You have the best opportunity for extra income, Binomo Trading on Binomo.com. But first you need to know what online trading is and how you can trade on Binomo-.

What is online trading?

Traditionally, trading means when you buy shares of a particular business and invest funds in it. But will your company do well, share prices rise and you benefit? Always keep in mind that in order for this to happen, you must first understand the trade, analyze the graph, and then invest very sensibly. Binomo trading is a bit different from traditional online trading. Binomo works on the principle of accurate forecasting. And is known for its limited time trades. Like an investment here you have to predict the rise and fall in the price of an item or currency. Your analysis should be accurate, which will benefit you and it will be an additional income for you.

That being said, with online trading you always have to take some risks and when it comes to BINOMO trading, even here any miscalculation can sink the entire fund you have invested.


Binomo.com Ltd. is a platform for online trading in the field of Time Trading (LTT). It allows its users to participate in online business for extra income. But always remember that online trading is not like shooting arrows in the dark. Some people enter online business with this mindset and consider it a vague and opaque business. But you should have a good knowledge of online business. That’s why Binomo focuses on training its users and all those who are new to the field of online business. Apart from this good training helps traders to become experts from just a skeptic.

How can you learn to trade with BINOMO?

You must sign up by visiting BINOMO.COMV’s website. And immediately after that you can start trading. However, after some time you will have to verify your account and personal information. After verification you can try your hand at online BINOMO trading. With that you can start your own account with a minimum amount of Rs 350. The minimum trade price is Rs 70. However, there is no restriction on the number of trades i.e. how often you do it. BINOMO Trading allows you to open and trade multiple positions at the same time.

In addition, the BINOMO trading app in the demo account gives you the opportunity to win with સાથે 1000. So the demo account on Binomo.com gives you a chance to improve and sharpen your trading skills. If you use promo code “BUDGET” in it, you will get 150% bonus on your first deposit. For example, if you deposit Rs 100, it will increase to Rs 250 after the promo code.


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