If you have had the disease before, it will help fight corona, the study claims

Researchers are conducting research on Corona virus and new things are being learned about it. Now a new study has found a link between dengue fever and corona virus. According to the study, people who once had dengue fever have immunity in their body that helps fight the corona virus. To illustrate the study, an example is given of Brazil, where a dengue outbreak broke out last year.

The author of this study is Miguel Nicolelis, a professor at Duke University. In a conversation with Reuters, Nicolelis said there was a link between the dengue and corona viruses that spread in some places in 2019, 2020. Nicolelis said the coronavirus infection rate was low where dengue had spread this year or last year and the infection was spreading very slowly.

“There is a hidden link between the dengue flavivirus serotype and SARS-CoV-2,” the study said. Dengue virus antibodies act on the corona virus. If this proves to be true, then it can be said that a safe and effective vaccine for dengue infection or dengue can provide some protection against the corona virus.

Nichols said the results of the study are interesting because some previous studies have shown that those who have antibodies to dengue in their blood, even if they are not infected with the corona virus, are falsely tested positive. “This suggests that there may be an immune relationship between the two viruses, which no one expected because the two viruses are completely different from each other,” Nichols said.

However, Nichols said more studies are needed to learn about the relationship between these two viruses. This study by Nicolelis has not yet been published and has been placed on the MedRxiv preprint server for review. The study found a significant link between the body’s antibodies to the spread of corona virus and dengue in some Brazilian populations. So, many cases of corona virus were found in some parts of Brazil.

Last year and earlier this year, dengue had a severe impact in some parts of Brazil. Compared to other parts of Brazil, these parts took longer to spread community transmission. Researchers found a strong link between dengue cases and the slow progression of COVID-19. Nichols said, ‘The results of the study were amazing, the same thing happens in science. You know one thing and you encounter something you never even imagined.


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