If you also want to avoid hacking or fraud, update these 5 settings in your phone today

If you use a smartphone, then you need to make some changes in the settings of the phone because, at the present time, the use of smartphones is very fast. But very few people know how to use a smartphone safely. Due to which the incidents of online fraud and hacking are constantly coming up. However, by making some simple changes to the phone’s settings, you can avoid hacking or online fraud. Apart from this your data can also be secured through the phone’s settings. So find out how.

Turn off location

The user should first turn off the location of the phone for their privacy so that no apps can track your location. So if you have an iPhone, go to your phone’s settings, go to the privacy section and turn off location permission. Similarly, Android users can turn off the location by going to the phone’s settings to turn off the location. The app will also remove access permissions along with location history.

Don’t log in to social media

Some apps and websites ask you to log in to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But don’t do that. Because some apps and websites steal your data in this way. Also, if you have a game app that tells you to log in to a social media platform first, you should avoid it.

Hide sensitive content

We are also seeing some things with notifications on the lock screen. But sensitive content that comes as a notification can be seen by anyone else. To avoid this you can hide the content on the notification. To do so, go to the phone’s settings. Where you have to click on the notification. Then click on the CAG icon on the top right side of the phone screen. Then tap on the lock screen. This way you can hide sensitive notifications.


Avoid personal advertising

Google tracks all of our activity, and if someone wants to steal our privacy, you can opt out of personalized ads. For that you also have to go to the phone’s settings and click on Enable Opt out of Ads Personalization in Google Ad.

Enable Auto Lock immediately

Auto lock option is specially required for security. This feature prevents anyone else from accessing the phone if you forget to lock the phone. For that you can go to the phone’s settings option and enable auto lock from there.


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