If there is a company, this Indian company will bear the entire cost of vaccinating its employees against corona

Mumbai: Reliance Foundation chairperson Nita M. Ambani today sent an e-mail to all Reliance employees and their families requesting them to register for India’s Covid-19 vaccination program and the company would bear the cost of vaccination of all employees, their spouses, parents and children.

In the e-mail, Reliance Industries non-executive director Ambani said, “The happiness we get from taking care of the health of our relatives is invaluable and that is the true meaning of family – Reliance family.”

He also said, “With your cooperation, very soon we will leave the epidemic behind. Maintain the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. We are in the final stages of a participatory struggle against the epidemic. Together we have to win and we will win. ”

Earlier, in a Reliance Family Day 2020 message, Presidents Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani had assured that a recognized Covid-19 vaccine like the one available in India would be made available soon and best efforts would be made to start immediate vaccination for Reliance employees and their families. Reliance will plan in advance for vaccinations for its employees and their families. The Government of India has launched the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination program.

He concluded his letter to the employees by saying “Corona will lose, India will win”.

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