If there is a company, then come …! Is giving special corona insurance of Rs 30 lakh to the employee along with the job

Amid the Corona epidemic, IT company HCL Technology is offering special insurance cover of Rs 30 lakh to its employees. Apart from this, the employee is giving Rs 7 lakh in the form of deposit insurance. If an employee dies from corona, the family will get 100 per cent benefit from this insurance. Apart from this the full salary of that employee for one year will also be given to the parivajans.

So far, an estimated 1,600 HCL employees have been evacuated to Corona. Many of them have also died. VV Apoorva, chief human resource officer of the company, said that if an employee dies, his family will get the benefit of medical coverage for the next three years. The company will also cover the children’s study expenses for the next five years. The company currently has 1.6 lakh employees. Apart from this, the company will also provide training to their partners so that they can join the company.

The company has set up a fund called Power of One to help its employees in times of crisis. Each employee of the company has to deposit one rupee in this fund in one day. In this way, Rs 1.6 lakh is deposited in a day and Rs 48 lakh in a month. The company says the funds will be used to help Coro’s affected employees and their families.

Apart from this, HCL has also prepared isolation beds in its different campuses. A helpline number has also been issued to help employees. 46 doctors and 31 nurses have also been appointed for medical advancement.

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