How to order an MCU-inspired coffee!

Want a WandaVision Starbucks drink? Well, here’s what to ask for next time you’re craving an MCU-inspired frappuccino.

Are you enjoying WandaVision?

What a silly question… of course you are! The MCU series first premiered on Disney+ back in January 2021 and has continued to impress with weekly episodes.

Created by Jac Schaeffer, the show has paid homage to an array of beloved sitcoms from past decades while also delivering fans a delightful dose of what they’ve come to expect from a Marvel production.

Although the season is set to conclude in March, the celebration continues and it turns out there’s a way to order a WandaVision-themed beverage at Starbucks.

The hack has been appreciated by MCU and coffee enthusiasts alike, so here’s how to ask for a WandaVision Starbucks drink…

still from WandaVision, Disney+

WandaVision Starbucks drink: What to ask for

Next time you’re out at Starbucks, follow these instructions to get a WandaVision Starbucks drink:

  • Order a Grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Tell the barista to add one serving of white mocha syrup and another of raspberry
  • Request to have whipped cream at both the bottom and top of the cup
  • Add strawberry puree and mocha drizzle, along with chocolate drizzle on top

All Ears highlights that this is the way to create a WandaVision-themed frappuccino, as the syrups and drizzles create a concoction that looks strikingly similar to Wanda’s powers.

The additions also arguably create an effect visually akin to the TV static associated with the show.

WandaVision fans talk coffee on Twitter

A number of the show’s fans have posted about the Wandavision Starbucks drink on Twitter, with some sharing their pictures (with varying results!)

Check out a selection of tweets:

In other news, WandaVision’s Scarlet Witch reveal explored.

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