How did the corona virus originate? Maybe this mystery will never be solved

The first case of coronavirus infection was reported on January 7 in Los Angeles, USA, but some researchers have estimated that cases of the virus were already occurring in the United States before the Christmas festivities in December last year. Allegations of China covering up the onset of the coronavirus epidemic are circulating around the world, and new reports are giving some impetus to the allegations.

The prevailing belief so far is that the epidemic of Covid-12, caused by the new Coronavirus SARS cove-two, started in China in December last year and then gradually spread around the world. But there is now some evidence to suggest that the outbreak began in December in some western countries, including the United States, and may have started a few months earlier in China, but China withheld details.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, analyzed the records of more than 10 million patients who visited hospitals in Los Angeles between December and February, and found that the number of such cases increased by 50 per cent over the same period in the previous five years. At least 15 more patients were admitted to hospitals in the area last year with respiratory failure compared to a normal year.

The first case of Covid-17 in Los Angeles was identified on January 6 and the second case was not detected for another five weeks. But these new findings suggest that the virus may have been present in Los Angeles months ago. Doctors at the university’s medical department, citing old records, said there had been a sharp rise in the number of patients coming here in December with coughs and lung problems, with such patients already starting to arrive at Christmas.

The analysis shows that cases of coronavirus in the United States started last December, the month in which China declared itself an epidemic, while some experts believe that the epidemic in China may have started as late as October. In Britain, old records show that Peter Atwood, a 6-year-old patient, died of coronavirus infection on January 30 after contracting the virus in December. This suggests that the coronavirus epidemic began much earlier in the West than previously thought.

This may reinforce the accusations of China suppressing the details of the epidemic, but it should also be noted that with the emergence of early evidence of Kovid-12 cases in Western countries, it is doubtful whether the epidemic originated in China or someone else. Came from a western country? The epidemic may have started in some western country but initially there were fewer cases and the infection spread to China from there and there was a sudden surge in cases, the chances are many. It seems that the mystery of the emergence of Kovid-12 may never be completely solved. At present, it is advisable for the world community to focus on controlling the epidemic instead of wasting time in all these controversies.

It is noteworthy here that not only where the coronavirus originated, but also how it originated has been the subject of much debate. The general theory is that the virus originated in humans from a bat-like animal, but some theorize that the virus is man-made, developing the virus as a biological weapon in a laboratory and accidentally leaking it. Some say so.

A Chinese virologist who fled Hong Kong and took refuge in the United States has recently said that the coronavirus SARS cove-to will prove that it is man-made. Of course, there is a widespread belief that the virus was transmitted to humans from an animal, such as a bat, due to the bad eating habits of the Chinese. Thus the origin of this virus is also very controversial. The emergence and spread of this new coronavirus SARS cove-tuna is perhaps more controversial than any other epidemic or virus in the world today.

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