How did Alex die in The Expanse? Season 5, episode 10 ending explained

The Expanse season 5, which ended in dramatic fashion, has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained. How did Alex die in episode 10?

Season 5 of The Expanse has been filled with plenty of twists and turns but the Amazon sci-fi series saved the biggest for last.

After arriving on December 15th, 2020, the new season had been airing weekly and at long last, February 2nd saw the 10th and final episode arrive.

However, the ending of The Expanse season 5, episode 10 – and most notably the fate of Alex – has left fans with plenty of questions and needs to be explained.

The Expanse – Season 5 Official Trailer



The Expanse – Season 5 Official Trailer




The Expanse season 5 on Amazon Prime Video

Season 5 of The Expanse landed on Amazon Prime Video on December 15th, 2020.

The new instalment continues the story of the Rocinante and its crew and we begin the season 5 finale with the ship’s various crewmates scattered throughout the solar system.

With each new episode, season 5 has ramped up the tension and stakes as more became clear about an emerging new threat, a rogue faction of Belter pirates looking to wreak havoc on the various human colonies.

Amazon Prime Video

Season 5, episode 10 recap

The final episode of The Expanse season 5, titled Nemesis Games, sees the Rocinante crew gearing up for a confrontation with five belter ships, led by Camina Drummer.

Knowing that the mission is almost suicidal, Holden and the Roci crew prepare to attack despite being massively outnumbered.

That’s because they need to give Alex and Bobbie time to rescue Naomi who is trapped on the ailing ship, the Chetzemoka.

While the Roci engages with Drummer’s ships, Alex pulls off a dangerously high-G manoeuvre so that Bobbie can bring Naomi aboard after she bailed out of the Chetzemoka.

However, after ignoring warnings about performing the dangerous manoeuvre, Alex clearly isn’t right as Bobbie brings Naomi back to the ship.

The Roci, which survived the battle as Drummer’s ships began firing at each other in an act of betrayal, docks with the Razorback and we learn the terrible news that Alex has died. More on that below.

After learning of Drummer’s failure to destroy the Roci, Marco Inaros is furious and kills Serge Kylo, one of Drummer’s family, by suffocating him in an airlock. Knowing that their lives are in danger, several of Drummer’s crewmates leave.

Meanwhile, the full Roci crew are able to reunite on Luna and for a brief moment all is calm and Chrisjen Avasalara, the newly nominated candidate for Secretary-General of the UN gives a rousing speech.

However, the moment of calm doesn’t last long as those on Luna quickly learn that Marco Inaros’ Belter fleet, bolstered by the help of Admiral Sauveterre’s Martian fleet, attack the Sol Ring and the ships protecting it.

The episode ends with the revelation that Sauveterre’s Martian fleet have been paid off by Inaros with a sample of the Protomolecule which we can see being used on the planet of Laconia through the Sol Ring.

With the solar system in disarray at these latest developments, the Martian fleet travels through the Ring as the credits roll.

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Alex’s death explained

Considering he’s been a constant presence in The Expanse since season 1, Alex Kamal’s death is rather out of the blue, especially as he hadn’t died by this point in the books.

In the episode, Alex’s death is attributed to a stroke, brought on by his dangerous high-G manoeuvre and the drugs that pilots take to help cope with such actions.

As Bobbie warns before she leaves the ship to get Naomi, “we could stroke out.”

Poignantly, Naomi plays a voice message for James Holden that she recorded in the event of her death.

It reassures James that the Roci’s crew are a family and that people will always come and go. This message seems to be directed at the audience as much as it is towards James.

However, there a still question marks as to the abrupt nature of Alex’s departure from the series but these can be traced to the alleged actions of actor Cas Anvar.

According to The Sun, allegations of sexual misconduct emerged about Alex actor Cas Anvar during the summer of 2020 which, after an internal investigation, led to his abrupt departure from the series.

As a result, he was killed off in the season 5 finale and will not be appearing in season 6.

Amazon Prime Video

Season 5 of The Expanse is available to stream in full on Amazon Prime Video after episode 10 released on February 2nd, 2021.

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