Hotels offering quarantine packages for patients at nominal cost

Lots HotelsIt has started Self quarantine package. Patients are being accommodated in hotels with comfort and modern amenities. People are being provided room stay, high speed internet, three-course meal, business center with tea and coffee.

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Self quarantine at the hotel

Corona virus infection has spread so fast that there is a shortage of hospitals in many cities. Horrible pictures are coming from different parts of the country. On the one hand there is vaccination, on the other hand the number of patients is constantly increasing. Curfews and lockdowns are being imposed to prevent this. The hotel industry has also stepped in to help Koro’s patients. Hotels have launched self-quarantine packages.

Quarantine is considered to be the best means of protection against corona. Patients are kept in quarantine or quarantine centers where the government department takes care of them. During this time, the family’s main concern is about patient care. The rest of the family cannot stay with the patient, so this anxiety becomes more intense. To alleviate this problem of people, many travel agencies have come up with an isolation package with the hotel.

Spend 2-6 thousand a day

Under this package, accommodation and meals of patients are arranged in star category hotels. It costs 2 to 6 thousand rupees per day. At this cost, anyone wishing to stay in the quarantine can get better facilities in the hotels. Travel agencies have developed this isolation package in collaboration with the hotel. Many hotels in different cities of the country are covered under this package. Clubs and hoteliers feel that their business is somehow running during the recession in Corona. Now they are also expected to earn from this isolation package.

Also a hospital facility

Hotel staff wearing PPE kit with sanitized rooms will be seen in the hotel with this type of package. Every guideline of Corona will be followed and the SOP prescribed by the government will be followed. Separate doctors will be appointed for Corona on behalf of the hotels. In addition, if the patient’s condition worsens, arrangements will be made for him to be admitted to a better hospital. All these costs will be included in the isolation package. Some clubs have also introduced this package.

Package for which patients

For corona patients with no symptoms or minor ailments, this package is considered better. The hotels have separate arrangements for this so that the rest of the people do not have any problem. There are separate admission and exit arrangements for corona patients. Ambulance facility and doctor’s presence will always be maintained. Periodically, doctors will check and if the condition worsens, he will be immediately shifted to the nearest hospital. The package is in high demand in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Many hotels and clubs here are offering this package.

Many hotels have a self-quarantine package. Patients are being accommodated in hotels with comfort and modern amenities. People are being offered a business center with room stay, high speed internet, three meals a day, tea and coffee. People who are asymptomatic patients of Corona can self-quarantine in hotels with these facilities.

Currency brightness abroad

The trend of self-quarantine packages in hotels is growing rapidly not only in the country but also abroad. Many big hotels in the world are offering this facility. The Austin Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, also offers this package. This package is being offered for 7 or 14 days. The currency has grown so rapidly since governments have allowed corona asymptomatic positive patients to be kept out of the home. Coro patients are doing self-quarantine in hotels to keep their family safe.


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